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PEEL Skills Mat 2018 (RM-PEEL-2018-CANADA)

PEEL Skills Mat 2018 (RM-PEEL-2018-CANADA)

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Part Number:RM-PEEL-2018-CANADA
PEEL Skills Mat 2018 (RM-PEEL-2018-CANADA)

This is very exciting new product developed in collaboration with the PEEL school district in Ontario, Canada (http://www.peelschools.org). This mat is designed to be used for many years in the Peel Skills challenge they do throughout the district (http://www.peelskills.com). The challenge is a 'day of' competition in which students do not see the robot tasks until the morning of the event.  The purpose of the challenge is "to provide students an opportunity to compete in a friendly environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an open-ended challenge. The theme for this year’s Robotics Challenge is “Water”. Together with their teammates, students will design, construct, and program an autonomous Lego robot to accomplish specific tasks on a competition table, as well as during a collaborative Robot Dance challenge." You can read about the scope of the challenge in this document: PEEL-7-8_Robotics-Scope.pdf

We will have some sample challenges available shortly along with a template for you to design your own.

  • Printed on 13oz outdoor matte vinyl
  • Number/Letter coordinates on top and right.
  • 14 inch Base area
  • Fits in a standard FLL competition table or can be used on the floor. (44.75x92.75 inches apx)